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Strata – SABS

The SABS Building  System cuts construction cost and timelines by reducing the components needed to build. At the core of the system is a EPS foam which acts as the skeleton and frame of the structure which includes all exterior walls, all interior walls, mid floors, and roof. The EPS foam is than created in a 8′ x 4′ grid panels which is used to create the form for the structure. The EPS foam also provides the insulation and all utilities are then channeled in directly into the EPS foam walls. Once the EPS foam skeleton completed then it is fully coated with Strata’s proprietary patented mix called Sabscete. Strata’s patented cementitious coating Sabscrete is mixed and applied using conventional methods. The SABS coating thickness is determined by the FEA engineering report. then the finished SABS structure can have conventional interior and exterior finishes such as stucco, drywall mud, sheet rock, facia, etc.​

​This remarkable technology can withstand Earthquake, water and vapor proof, fire resistance (class A finish interior finish with a flame- spread index of 25 or less and a smoke-developed index of 450 or less), and wind resistance up to 265 MPH.  The SABS Building System not only a high quality product and durable but developed for disaster relief. The patented structural design software prepares a comprehensive FEA engineering report  allowing the building design to be tested in a computer before the structure is built. The system is considered to be a nano composite; the foam and the proprietary Sabscrete once bonded design to create a structural system that can not only be the highest quality of strength but also making construction faster and more affordable.

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